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Small Talk - 2016-05-25

In my post about the television I mentioned very briefly the issue of
'small talk'. First, I would like to make it clear that I am not talking
about SmallTalk
language, but rather the social phenomenon where two or more people begin
a conversation on some of the most pointless and dull topics ever. It's
always a topic that for the most part everyone can agree with and is
therefore a pointless conversation. It's always about the weather, who
won the latest sports event, what popular events are coming up, and (if
you're Spanish) the most recent corruption scandal. Never any analysis,
never any discussion, and most of all there should never be
Because for some reason disagreeing on something with
someone else is 'a bad thing'. I disagree with people all the time, these
people mostly being my friends! So how are you going to tell me that
disagreeing with someone on something will make a relationship between two
people go downhill? I'd rather discuss and disagree with someone on an
in-depth topic than constantly agree with someone that it's a rainy day
outside and that the forecast is looking better for next week.

Of course, I do understand that you can't just go up to someone and start
talking about Keynesian economics, you have to find out if they have any
interest in economics first. What I hate is when people start using small
talk for all their conversations with another individual. By the
second time we meet we should already be able to get started with the
deeper stuff. We don't need to keep rescratching the surface, it's time
to get the shovel and dig deep.

But for some reason people are afraid of disagreement, they don't want to
march into uncharted waters where their opinions are at stake of being
disproven by reason and evidence (in which case your opinions are most
likely either wrong, incomplete, or unfounded to begin with).