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I Won't Vote for Hillary - 2016/07/26
Expect this post to be filled with many 'harsh words' for the democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Ever since it's been obvious that Hillary was going to win the elections many of those in the democratic party and those that support it have been saying that those of us who stood with Bernie should now vote for Hillary (heck, even Bernie is telling us to), and their argument for this is that we can't let Trump win the elections. Well, first I would like to ask, whose fault is that? It sure as hell ain't mine! I've kept my mouth shut on Trump during the entire primaries. If you've been complaining about Trump, looking at videos and posts about the latest bullshit he's spout out of he ass, then you're the one to blame for him winning the primaries (it's called a clickocracy, and Trump won). Now, why should I be afraid of Trump and not Clinton? I don't see a reason for this. They're both the shittiest candidates from each side, Clinton is basically as right-wing as it gets, the only thing that her and Trump may disagree on are social issues, which at this point I don't care for since they're always over petty things. Economically speaking they're both in favor of the corporate control and privatization (and even if she's not saying it now, just wait until later, that bitch flip-flops more than a fish outside of water). Therefore, she can go fuck off just like Trump.

These elections I will most likely have to vote blank. Why? Because there's nothing good on my ballot. It's either corporate dick or corporate cunt (quite literally), and neither of them sound particularly appetizing.

So, why is it that people voted for Hillary? All I've ever seen is that she has a vagina. There's nothing she has that's better than Bernie! And she's used that card multiple times. Don't believe me? Look here. Her entire campaign is based upon "I have a pussy! So you should vote for me!!!". Hell no! Just because I can fuck you and still be straight does not mean you are valid candidate. I'd even go so far as to say that by how much importance you give to your damn genitalia that basically makes you unqualified. Why the hell should I care about the gender of who I'm voting for? What I care about are the policies (economic more than anything). So tell me, how does the fact of you have a vagina make your economic policies better? Is it that you're going to sleep your way through the opposition in order to get the votes for them?

Don't even get me started on how she's basically going to be another Margaret Thatcher. They said "If women ruled the world there would be no wars!". Oh really? What does history tell us? You're wrong! Women also start wars. You even had Thatcher who started some pointless shit ones like over at the Falkland Islands. Hillary can also be compared to the power hungry Susana Díaz, who is currently the president of my region in Spain. You know who's a good example of a decent woman politician? Teresa Rodríguez. I may not agree with her on a number of subjects, but at least she isn't a power hungry bitch.

So, now tell me again that Hillary Clinton is the lesser of two evils and that she is any better than Donald Trump, despite all of this shit she's done and said (such as the oh so wonderful "We need to bring them to heel" quote of hers referring to the mass incarceration acts she supported). You want to vote for her? Fine by me, I don't live there anymore, not my problem. But when shit goes downhill I don't want to hear shit complaining, at which point I, who did not vote for a shitty candidate, will have the moral high ground.