The Music in Noise

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DoublesGame is not a game that you download, install, and run, per se. Rather, it is a game that you write yourself. The idea of the game is that it is something to do while you're installing an OS and have time to kill (because the installer is cleaning your hard drive for encryption, or it's downloading updated packages, or anything else, really, we know that shit takes forever). The idea of the game is that, using your favorite editor provided by the image by default (typically `vi' or `nano') you write using your favorite language provided by the image by default (you are typically given a C compiler, an assembler, a bash shell, and a Python interpreter, but if your image provides something else then that's fair game) a game which has the following characteristics:

  • Query the user in an infinite loop the answer to `2^n', where `n' is a variable that you continuously increment and starts at 1.
  • If the wrong answer is given the user will be asked to try again.
  • If `0' is given as an answer the game exits (since there are no doubles that equal 0).

If you would like to add extra rules you may do so, in fact, it is encouraged in order to make the game last longer.

This game will require that the user at least use conditionals, loops, variables, and user I/O. There are some examples in multiple languages in this repository.