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Vivu lante, vivu feliĉe!


I am available by various means of online communication. If you are going to send me an e-mail (or even BitMessage) then please encrypt your messages by using my public encryption key (0xD6234E8C3819DA3A) which can be found on If the keyserver (for some strange reason) is not working you can download the ASCII-armored version of my public key here. If you attach or send me a link to your public key I will make sure to encrypt any and all replies.

Don't know how to encrypt e-mails? Don't worry! Just follow the FSF's E-Mail Self-Defense Guide and encryption will be as easy as clicking a few buttons. If you use a web mail service (such as GMail or Yahoo!) you can use Mailvelope to encrypt your e-mails following their very simple instructions.

E-Mail - Public PGP Key


I will no longer be available via Bitmessage. I hope to write a blog entry soon explaining why.


Aliases: nortega, deathsbreed