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Vivu lante, vivu feliĉe!


This page is dedicated to creating a list of decentralized applications as an alternative to popular centralized ones. What follows are different types of online tools that we use day-to-day, a centralized example, and (if existent) a decentralized alternative. If you have anything to add to this list, please send me a message via any means available on my contact page. One requirement is that the technology not only be decentralized, but also free software. Some of these examples may be centralized but still respecting your freedom, these will be marked with the prefix "[free]".


  • Centralized:
    • [free] Mutt
    • [free] Thunderbird
  • Decentralized:

Instant Communications

  • Centralized:
    • Skype
    • [free] Wire
    • [free] Telegram
    • [free] Jitsi Meet
  • Decentralized:

Internet Routing/DNS

  • Centralized:
    • Google DNS
    • OpenDNS
  • Decentralized:

Media Uploading

  • Centralized:
    • [free] Goblin Refuge (a Media Goblin instance)
  • Decentralized:
    • Torrents (lack of decentralized new content discovery)
    • Peertube

Social Media