The Music in Noise

Vivu lante, vivu feliĉe!


This page contains a non-extensive list of both personal projects and projects I have contributed to, many are software related, but others are related to my music. Some of these projects are incomplete while others are dead. Enjoy!


I've been playing the guitar for many years now, and I've also had time to play around with synthesizers and drum machines.

The Music in Noise

Yup, this website is named after my solo artist alias. This is an ongoing project of mine in which I play with different styles and create music. There's not really any consistency with the genre, it's really just whatever I find entertaining at the moment.

Servants on the Rise

This was my high school band. We only ever made one song together (Arsenal), and only played one gig. The band no longer exists, but these videos do.


Just a few services that I host.

Deathsbreed's Arcade

If you didn't know, my online alias for most games is Deathsbreed. Deathsbreed's Arcade is a service I hope to be starting soon which will be a server hosting multiple game server instances for free software games.


I have been interested in coding and computers for a very long time, having used GNU/Linux as my main operating system since I was 15. I know plenty of programming languages, but my favorites are most definitely C and C++. You can find more of my personal projects on my Git server.


A basic kernel written for the x86 architecture. It's a small project I'm doing to learn kernel development from the ground up, using the book Writing a Simple Operating System from Scratch as a guide.


A personal kernel project that I've been working on, my goal being to write a kernel and bootstrap a userland in order to be able to compile projects for the OS.


This is a project I worked on for a year with Brigham Keys (back when it was still a C++ project). The aim was to create a 3D car derby shooter game.


This really isn't a program on its own, but rather a fun little programming game you can play while waiting for your operating system to finish installing.


This is a fun little program I wrote that generates prime numbers using a parallelized computation algorithm, using OpenMP to parallelize the computations.


This is a small project I've been working on which aims at using DHT networking to create a decentralized and anti-censorship alternative to IRC.


I contributed a few Spanish translations to this site, since I saw a lot of it was still in English.


An educational simulation on how an object behaves in a frictionless environment such as that of space, using the Allegro5 libraries.