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More than anything else I consider myself a programmer. That is also the career path I follow seeing that it is what I am best at. On this page I will post links to interesting projects that I have worked on and contributed to. You can also find me on my GitLab at @Deathsbreed where I post most of my person repositories, as well as on GitHub at @Deathsbreed where you can find many of my contributions (since most projects tend to be on GitHub).

My Favorite Repos
This is where I will add projects that are personal projects of mine that I simply find interesting and wish to point out here on my my personal website. This is by no means the extended list of all the code I have done, just those I am most proud of or find most entertaining.

Indivisible: This is a program I've been writing that generates prime numbers (hence the name). It uses OpenMP to take advantage of a computers full processing capabilities by looking for primes on all your CPU's cores at once and in parallel.

Major Contributions
In this category I will add projects that I actively contribute to or maintain.

DMUX: The purpose is to create a derby combat style shooter game in 3D that allows you to play with other people over the network using a more decentralized networking strategy, as seen in games such as Xonotic and AssaultCube. One of the major accomplishments of this project is that it is 100% free/libre, all assets and code (including libraries) are free software/culture.

Minor Contributions
A list of repositories where I made some small contribution that was still somewhat significant.

Remotery: A small but important contribution. Remotery is a telemetry tool written in C. When I cloned Remotery there was an error right from the start that needed fixing, otherwise it wouldn't even compile (it was a syntax error). Along the way I also solved a comparison warning that would cause strict compilers (which, if you've seen my blog, I like quite a bit). So I fixed both the syntax error and the warning so now the file compiles and runs just fine. You're welcome.

libGDX Demo Invaders: This was a minor contribution I did where I fixed a small bug they had. It turns out that what used to happen is that you would fly the ship to to right and at one point (where you were supposed to stop) the ship would tumble off into infinity. I fixed small bug which was just a few lines to fix.

Prism-Break: Prism-Break is a website dedicated to listing free software alternatives to the commonly known non-free software programs. I have dedicated to their Spanish translation (a lot of it was still in English).