The Music in Noise

Vivu lante, vivu feliĉe!


Summer album cover

Track Listing

Side 1

01 - Lazy Days
02 - Family Vacation
03 - Where Are You?
04 - Late Night Thoughts
05 - Can You Remember Me?
06 - Linda's Open Doors
07 - Love Free
08 - The End

Side 2

[To be announced]


This is an album in progress. Since it's a more complex album that I decided to put quite a bit of effort into, it will take longer to finish. However, I can say that it will be a conceptual album with the theme being summer (hence the title). I have many of the song ideas written down, many of which were written from the summer of 2013 to autumn of 2014. This album also will contain a second side made available on this webpage composed of covers of some free culture songs.

So far the tools/software that have been used to record this album have been Audacity, QjackCtl, Guitarix, ZynAddSubFX, and Hydrogen.

License: CC-BY-SA 4.0 International