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Here is where I post my writings, whether they be essays, poetry, or anything else, really.



numint: `numint' is a program I wrote to do numerical integrations by parts using a few different methods for one of my classes. This PDF is some basic documentation on the program including an analysis of the code and how it works as well as a test using an example function. The code can be found here. The LaTeX code can be found here.


End of Religion: It seems that religion has become something that the left-wing has come to tolerate, a mistake that must be corrected, as religion is an obstacle to society in many aspects slowing our progress. However, it cannot be denied that it has some benefits that must be maintained. Therefore, we must eliminate religion while maintaining these positive aspects of it.

The Fall of Reason and the Rise of the Reactionary Left: Inspired by an article by Félix Ovejero, this article is an analysis of the 'new left-wing' that is currently gaining influence in politics. It contrasts this with what the left-wing has traditionally stood for and how it divides the already very divided working class.

Identity Politics: An analysis on a subject that has been touched upon in other essays of mine, that of Identity Politics, and how it is a force that is dividing the Left and causing many Workers in desperate circumstances to flee to a Populist Right which, at least in appearance, claims to care about these Workers who have been marginalized by the new Pseudo-Left.

Socialism as a Trend: As of recently mostly American youths have been calling themselves 'Socialists', yet they do not seem to propose anything that challenges the Capitalist system. Many older Socialists view this as a step forward, thinking that because Americans are beginning lose their fear of the word that they may begin to follow the ideology and Socialism may flourish once more in the U.S., yet I believe that this is rather optimistic, and that if anything the increasing popularity of the word 'Socialist' in the U.S. is a sign of the complete opposite, a movement away from Socialism by changing its meaning to something very different from an economic system that challenges that of Capitalism.

Violence and the Revolution: This is a criticism of the over-romanticized idea of an armed revolution as a means to achieve socialism that many socialists, especially those that believe themselves to be Marxists, continue to support while completely disregarding how the circumstances have changed since the previous century and an armed revolution is now not only suicide, but also damaging to any attempt at obtaining the sympathy or support of the working class in an effort to change to a new society.

Western Culture: This is an essay describing my analysis of consumerism in Western Culture and Capitalism. It describes how the capitalist system is so flexible and controlling that it even manages to turn any form of resistance into pure consumption.



La Diferencia Entre Trabajo Y Persona: Este ensayo lo escribí después de haber leido el cuento de Gabriel García Márquez, 'Buen Viaje, Señor Presidente'. El ensayo describe como la gente no siempre hace lo que ellos consideran ético en su trabajo, especialmente si ese trabajo les obliga que no lo hagan. Lo cual, hay que tener cuidado cuando se les critica a los políticos, porque no siempre hacen las cosas porque de verdad creen en eso, sino porque su trabajo se les obliga.

Historias Cortas

Los Viajes en Avión: Esta obra es tanto un cuento corto como una crítica de los élites y el afán por la superioridad mediante la división de clases, incluso en los medios de transporte.


La Vida en un Año: Un poema que escribí sobre una interpretación de las estaciones del año.