The Music in Noise

Nicolás A. Ortega Froysa

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Who Am I?

I'm a Spanish-American, living in Seville, Spain. I'm fluent in English and Spanish, with a decent proficiency in Portuguese and Esperanto. My interests (and therefore the content of this website) are very diverse, e.g. computer engineering, music composition, (Catholic) religion, language learning, etc.

What's My Experience?



For a few years I've been helping the Servicio de Asistencia Religiosa de la Universidad de Sevilla to maintain and update their website, as well as serving as general tech support for the university chaplain. I've also led various activities, including some Bible study sessions on the epistles of Saint Paul the Apostle. This is also the association that gave me catechesis for my Confirmation.



For a year I was working with Brigham Keys to develop a 3D derby-style shooter game in C++. The project did not end up working out, due to a variety of factors, but it remains one of the most rigorous projects I've ever worked on in collaboration with a team. We used modern C++, extensively exploited the Standard Template Library, developed a complex build system using CMake, and even had to dig up an old code base to interface with two different libraries (Irrlicht and Bullet Physics).

Private English Lessons

For a couple years now I've been giving private English lessons to some of my neighbors, as well as in-person conversations with people I know. I work hard to make sure that their English improves, primarily focusing on recurring mistakes. I've worked with children as well as adults, helping them to attain a better degree of English fluency.

Conservation Corps. Minnesota


I worked for a summer as a youth crew member. We lived with our crew members for the duration of the job, and worked in various national parks and lake access points. Our work was primarily trail construction, removal of invasive species, and clearing of lake access points.