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The Music in Noise is my personal website. From here you can access pretty much all my works. The name of the website comes from my (musical) artistic alias - which honestly I don't really use anymore. I'm a Spanish-American, living in Seville, Spain. I'm fluent in English and Spanish, with some proficiency in Portuguese and Esperanto.

I'm a Roman Catholic, and I take much interest in my faith. Many of my blog posts tend to be related to Catholicism; whether it be general theology, apologetics, or simply my personal opinion on certain matters.

I also publish some techy content, as one of my hobbies is computers - low-level computing in particular. I also work as a C++ Developer at Babel. My favorite computer programming languages are C and C++, although I've recently does some dabbling in Rust.

There are other things available on this site, but it's basically just miscellaneous stuff. If you find something you like, good for you. If you don't, then I'm glad you stopped by.

Happy hacking, and God bless you!