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The Music in Noise


Welcome to my personal website, The Music in Noise. This is where I post a lot of my own personal projects, writings, music, and blogs.

Most of my work tends to revolve around various subjects, primarily being: music, coding, essays on politics, and language learning; but I enjoy branching out. I am also fluent in both English and Spanish, while also learning Esperanto and Japanese. If you are fluent in either of these languages then I'd be very happy to practice with you, and if you're learning either of the languages I am fluent in then I'd be happy to help you practice. Simply go to my contact page for information on how to get a hold of me.

At the moment I am a student at the University of Jaén, Spain, where I am studying Computer Engineering. I am also a graduate of the IB Diploma Programme of 2015, which I partook in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States, with higher level exams in Economics, Spanish, and English.