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Ethical Giving - 2016-05-19

Recently I came across this link on 'ethical giving' by the FSF. This is a rather good gift guide for those of us who are advocates for Free Software, as it gives a basic guide to those we love who may be a little less knowledgable in terms of technology.

I believe that it does a very good job at covering various types of devices from routers, to laptops, to 3D printers, and so on. The site is also very simple and easy to understand for our less techy loved ones, and has an amazing feature for when you look at the 'buy' section of each category the non-free option has the 'avoid' button, which has the great functionality of not being functional, helping the visitor, as thick-headed as they may be, avoid buying the non-free option.

Therefore, I fully encourage all of you to use this as a definitive gift guide for your loved ones.

FSF Ethical Tech Giving Guide

EDIT 2016/12/02: It turns out that this is an annual thing (or something of the sort) so here's a link to the 2016 FSF Ethical Tech Giving Guide. I do not plan on updating this again, so be sure to look for it yourself next year. Also, notice how in the URL for the previous year it put `v6' and this one says `v7'? That probably means that next year's will be `v8'.

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