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Merry Grav-Mass! - 2016-12-25

Merry Grav-Mass!

Today is the day that Isaac Newton, the man who discovered the laws of motion as well as having invented Calculus, was born. Many things that today we take for granted would not have been possible without his discoveries, and therefore deserves a day of recognition.

I believe that it is important to celebrate Grav-Mass in every household, as it raises children with a familiarity of science and mathematics, and perhaps even an interest in them. It is very important that children grow to understand what science is, what it means. In the media we often see science represented in the form of 'cool experiments', however this is not true. Science is not about making water turn to ice upon impact, or roasting marshmallows using electrical currents, or mixing baking soda with vinegar in a paper volcano, it's asking why those things happen. Everyone knew that gravity existed before Newton, obviously we were all attracted to the ground, however Newton, being the scientist he was, asked why it is so, what patterns it has, etc. Those questions are what science is about, not the 'cool experiments'.

There are many ways to celebrate Grav-Mass, the link above to Stallman's page on the holiday has some very common ways of celebrating the holiday. However, in my opinion, the most important part is making sure that this holiday you promote, talk about, and learn anything math related or science related and sharing with friends.

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