The Music in Noise

The Beauty of Silence - 2017-05-14

One thing I've always loved and come to appreciate more and more is the wonderful nothingness which is silence. It allows for people to be calm, where one can think clearly, be at peace with one's self and not be interrupted by one's surroundings. It truly is something beautiful.

However, sadly, there are few in this world who truly value silence. What's more, it seems that every time there is silence people consider it 'awkward', and try to fill it in either with conversation (which is not bad) or noise (which is horrifyingly repulsive compared to the sweetness of silence), typically from an electronic device such as a television, radio, mobile device, or other. To these people I ask: what is wrong with silence? Are you that afraid of 'loneliness'? After all, silence does make us feel more alone. Or perhaps is it that you feel that for some reason emptiness demands to be filled? In which case, why is it that you feel this need to fill the gap?

No matter what your reason, perhaps it is important that you learn to appreciate the calm in life. By filling the air with noise you do nothing but to perpetuate stress, tension, discomfort, and anxiety. This is fine if it only affects you, however when others are present you must not create such a damaging environment as it harms others (the same way you should not smoke tobacco around non-smokers). In the presence of others it must also be of common courtesy to respect silence, conversation, social interaction, productive sound (such as one playing an instrument), or any kind of productive behaviour.

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