The Music in Noise

Ideas for Improv II - 2018-01-13

As of lately I've been delving deeper into what is the psychedelic rock genre, looking for inspirations, and I've come across a subgenre called stoner rock. I've mostly been listening to bands such as Half Gramme of Soma, Samsara Blues Experiment, and Wet Cactus. Because of this I've been playing around a lot with fuzz pedals and effects with it in guitarix, but I feel as though to me the genre of stoner rock is something more improvised that just lets me go with the flow.

Of course, the biggest issue with improvised albums is precisely that the music is improvised, but I like my direction to more complex music with multiple instruments and tracks, I don't want to just create an improvised guitar peace, so I've been working on recording both myself on the guitar with a drum machine, and hopefully I will eventually be working with synthesizers as well. So hopefully once I get this figured out I will be releasing an Improv II with a sound that's similar to stoner rock, at least with regards to the guitar.

This should not be interfering with my progress on Summer, in fact I still have a few songs in Summer that I have not completely figured out yet, and therefore may use elements of stoner rock for these songs.

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