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Hosting My Own Git - 2018-03-18

I have recently put up my own git hosting instance on the VPS at Essentially, I'm getting tired that I have repos in 3 different places, so I finally decided to bring them all into one, and with that to kill another bird with the same stone: getting rid of the need for me to navigate web UIs. Something that annoyed me with GitLab, Github, NotABug, and alike, is that they make use of web interfaces for tasks like pull requests, creating repos, issue trackers, etc. when most of these can be done with the same tool: a mailing list. I've already gone over this before in my post on patch files. What's more, now to create new repos I can just use a script I have made.

Point is, from now on all my repos that I have chosen to maintain (that is, those I care about) are on that server, and they can still be accessed via Git, but if you wanna send patches or issues then you'll have to send them to my e-mail. If any of them form a community I'll create a mailing list for them.

UPDATE 2020/03/19: I've given up on maintaining my own git server. Currently I'm still using GitLab, but I may end up switching to fossil as an alternative to git depending on how things go.

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