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Blog Upgrade - 2018-06-27

Recently I've decided to change how my blog works to make it easier to manage. Now I'm using databases to store my posts. Using a database has provided me more versatility than simple PHP files, which is what I used before. This has also drastically diminished the amount of files necessary for my blog as well as certain redundancies that were annoying the hell out of me.

With this I've been able to add other stuff, like a post description, as well as not having to choose between categories and a unified RSS feed. This also means that it'll be very easy to add new things, since the DB automates a lot of things for me, and I'd only have to edit a few files instead of all my posts like I would have before.

Yes, I realize this breaks links from before, but whatever, I do this a lot, and my domain is still the same.

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