The Music in Noise

'Summer' Update - 2018-09-01

Over the course of this summer I've been working a lot on the album 'Summer', primarily on the song "Linda's Open Doors". Currently I believe I've made a final draft of the song. Currently I have three more songs that I can finish before the end of the summer, of which two of them only require for me to record the vocals, and one of them requires vocals and a synthesizer. After this I'll only be missing 4 other songs (so half the album will be ready). I am currently considering releasing in the summer of 2019.

I have not updated any of the audio files for "Linda's Open Doors" on the webpage, and I won't release the final version of the song on the website until I release the album. However, I will be releasing the final versions of "Where Are You?" and "Late Night Thoughts" before the release of the album.

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