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New Category & Content - 2020-03-11

Normally, aside from snide remarks here and there, I've refrained from posting content on religion here in my blog. I've had a category on politics before, which I had removed to keep some of my less popular opinions away from my public website. However, upon my conversion to Catholicism I've been questioning whether or not to publish content on religion. It's a topic that I am passionate about, but not one that I would necessarily like to publish due to certain controversial positions that may spell trouble for future employment; being the same issue I have with hosting a politics category. It is not that I am unwilling to defend those positions of the Church, but rather that I'd rather not look for trouble with something as fundamental as my livelihood. Instead, I will do such through other means which are not directly related to my person.

However, ultimately I have decided to create this category and to write content pertaining to religion for three reasons. First, I am truly passionate about the Faith, and there are many aspects that I find absolutely fascinating. Secondly, there are parts of the Faith that are beautiful and are not necessarily heated issues. Thirdly, I had made certain posts or even code repositories in the past with regards to religion during my years as an Atheist, and I have no intention of removing these to hide my past. They are a reminder of my past, of how far I have come, and of the way many people still view the Faith. Therefore, I find it necessary to balance these with my new-found passion.

Ave Maria purissima...

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