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Dumping "Summer" Album - 2021-01-02

I've decided to remove the "Summer" album which I had been working on from my website. The audios and pages have been removed.

"Summer" was an album I had been working on truly since 2014 or so. It was going to be a conceptual album about my favorite season of the year: summer. Of course, I kept getting delayed in releasing anything, and kept wanting to make changes, and so it was never released (officially).

Recently, however, I've found a new direction I wish to go in with regards to music, based upon an article I had read on The Josias called "The Need for an Integral Approach to Music"[1]. This inspired me to give more direction to my music and turn it into something that reflects either a more immediate and worldly reality in a virtuous manner, or tries to express a transcendental reality.

Not that I think anyone was truly waiting on this album to come out, but it definitely would seem to be a very anti-climactic build-up.

Regardless, I'm not sure when I'll publish more music, as my creative process is somewhat unpredictable. But I hope that this decision will give me a little more direction.

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