Nicolás A. Ortega,
Software Engineer - Network Developer

I am a developer of Collective Tyranny.

My interests range far, as I enjoy politics/economics, programming, playing music, learning languages, and learning of different cultures. It's hard to keep up with all of these hobbies and interests, so I usually do them in phases.

I run Debian GNU/Linux (testing) as my main OS, though occasionally I try out other distros and even OSs for the heck of it, but I have always reverted back to Debian.

In programming I tend to enjoy working at a low-level, for that reason I tend to work in C or C++ and play around with x86_64 assembly code. I've also been getting more interested in low-level security and development, such as development in the Linux Kernel and drivers as well as reverse engineering binaries using the GNU Debugger. I also have a ringzer0team.com profile where you can see the flags I've managed to find.

Currently I am learning Japanese (日本語), but I plan to learn more after having a decent amount of fluency in Japanese. そして、日本語を自由に話してスペイン語か英語を練習したいなら、Contactページから僕のE-Mailにメッセージを送ってください。

I consider myself a communist inspired in the ideas of Marx, in this sense I do not accept emotionally based arguments, but only those based on reason and empirical evidence. I have spent time as a political activist and as a political representative in local politics, however I have lost interest due to the current left-wing's focus on social issues and not economic ones.