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Why I Use CC-BY-ND - 2016-10-08

If you look at my essays in the writings section of my website you'll notice that they're licensed under a CC-BY-ND license, which is not a free culture license. Seeing that I fully support free culture I feel the need to explain why I use NoDerivatives on my essays specifically.

First I would like to point out that although these works are licensed as NoDerivatives, you still have the right to distribute and even to quote my essays as long as you attribute my original work properly and do not modify/manipulate the text or section of the text that you use. Therefore the only right that is lacking is the right to modify my works and distribute those modifications.

As for my reasoning behind this licensing, the reason is simply that I don't want my own writings to be used against me through manipulation. These writings are a representation of my opinion, and if it were under a ShareAlike license such as other works of mine then someone would be able to manipulate my essay to say something that I do not agree with and then properly attribute me, therefore misrepresenting what I my actual opinion is, and although they would be required to state the changes they made and the readers would be able to compare to my own works, many people would not care to look at the changes or compare with the original, and therefore I do not wish to allow for modifications of my essays. With other works, such as music, programs, stories, etc. I always use free culture licenses because they are not necessarily representations of my opinion. This blog is the only exception to this because it is licensed along with the rest of my website, which is under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 International. Therefore I find it justified that I use a NoDerivatives license on my essays.

Again, although derivatives are not permitted, there is still the ability to distribute and even commercialize my works, but not to make any derivatives based upon it.

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