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Summer Album - 2017-05-29

Ever since before Ice in the Fall I've been working on an album called Summer. It's been a long time and I haven't really put much effort into making the album, sadly. However, I have recently begun to formulate it more, revise some of the lyrics and notes, along with the songs I had planned for the album to begin with (since the summer of 2013).

This album has taken me quite some time, and I've released two other albums since then, but this is mostly due to the complexity and work I have been trying to put into it. Unlike my first two albums, I wanted this one to be multi-track and less experimental. However, unlike Dreaming in Bytes, it is not simply me making up some interesting melodies in a digital audio studio program. This added complexity is what's been making it take quite a bit of time.

Because most of the songs were actually written and the ideas elaborated in summer of 2013 (and others a little later) the overall style will not be anything similar to my last album, but rather a more progressive rock, acoustic, and even psychedelic rock sound, as those were the kind of styles I enjoyed listening to and playing back then. I have also released a few demos that I've recorded over the years (in truth, most of them are from 2013 and 2014) you can listen to these to get a feel for what the album will sound like.

Like my other albums, this one will be published on Jamendo, but for those that download from this website there will be a 'Side 2' containing cover songs, the originals of which are either under a Free Culture license or have been passed into the Public Domain. Once I figure out which songs these will be I will post the track listing for the 'Side 2' on the page for the album (and perhaps a demo).

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