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The Farm - 2018-03-18

Maybe half a year ago a friend and I were talking about owning one's own labour as well as working less, and we were trying to figure out the way to work less and live more while at the same time own more of one's own labour. This is when we came upon the idea of The Farm. Essentially, the idea is to accumulate currency and eliminate debts until we are able to create our own self-sustaining farm, in which we provide as many of our resources as possible, and those we cannot provide ourselves through agriculture or otherwise, we would obtain them through trade in which we obtain the objects of trade through our own labour which we own (instead of working for someone else, we would work for ourselves). This friend is Brigham Keys. Recently he has created a page where we will accumulate knowledge necessary to create this farm. If you are interested then bookmark the page, if you have knowledge to contribute then send an e-mail to Brigham or contact me through the information provided on my contact page.

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